Philippe Arnoux Photography

July 29, 2019

Instant & perfection


Art Photography means intemporality, uniqueness…. a mental tattoo. It is not an “act gratuit”.Even more when it is an autoportrait.

July 28, 2019

Victoria Herrera

Victoria observed flowers as never painted before, celebrating their beauty in the tradition of the Old Masters. “May the colours and interplay of light and shadow be restoring, energising and bring you peace” she says.

May this portrait of her does the same.


Jimmy was a soldier brave and bold
Katy was a maid with hair of gold
Like an act of fate, Kate was standing at the gate
Watching all the boys file on parade
Kate smiled with a twinkle in her eye
Jim said “M-m-meet you by-and-by!”
That same night at eight
Jim was at the garden gate
Stuttering this song to K-K-K-Kate

(Bill Murray – 1918)


Hans is a strange guy…. with an amazing way to look at you


A frighteningly common phenomenon is that of people who, for whatever reasons, have suddenly and without explanation simply vanished without a trace, never to be seen again. Such accounts never fail to incite curiosity, speculation, and wonder. We are somewhat macabrely drawn to the idea that someone could just seemingly cease to exist, and the desire to have some closure and explanation can be alluring to the point of obsession, a gnawing need for answers that may never come. Where are you Farissa?

Alejandro Lagrotta

Cantante, compositor y productor-arreglista panameño

No me alcazaria el aire si pudiera respirar
Todo lo que por ti siento me podria ahogar
No me alcanzarian mil años para pòderme gastar
Todo los besos que tengo para ti a reservar…


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