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February 22, 2010


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The terms “equality” signify a qualitative relationship. ‘Equality’ signifies correspondence between a group of different objects, persons, processes or circumstances that have the same qualities in at least one respect, but not all respects, i.e., regarding one specific feature, with differences in other features. ‘Equality’ needs to thus be distinguished from ‘identity’ — this concept signifying that one and the same object corresponds to itself in all its features: an object that can be referred to through various individual terms, proper names, or descriptions. For the same reason, it needs to be distinguished from ‘similarity’ — the concept of merely approximate correspondence . Thus, to say e.g. that men are equal is not to say that they are identical. Equality implies similarity rather than ‘sameness.’

(Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

February 13, 2010


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The solution to an inequality is a value that makes the inequality true.

February 7, 2010

Football Worldcup

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That night 8 teams were formed. The entire village was in the park grouped by families. It was the day of the football championships.

Teams were made of kids of all ages, black and white, short and tall, strong and weak. The field was made of concrete, and someone had drawn limits earlier in the day with white painting. Goals had been made of plastic tubes and fishing net, and the ball was a soccer ball, smaller than the conventional ones. The field was roughly 20 meters long by 10 meters large. Teams were composed of 1 goalkeeper and 4 players. Games were of two 15′ halftime. The light surrounding the field was gloomy and orange, and came from 2 lamps in the street boarding the park.

At 6:30pm, the first game started. Each games were played with intensity, rapidity, passion, emotion, concentration, applause and excitement.

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February 1, 2010


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Mac Norton was born in Lyon France as Claude Louis Delair in 1876. After his military service in 1900, he began to work his regurgitation act, calling himself, The Human-Aquarium. His act consisted of swallowing water, beer, bread, goldfish and frogs.

In the Urban dictionary, a Human Aquarium is said to be Pockets of Americans unwittingly engaging in absurd behavior without sense of irony.

For me an aquarium is a vivarium.

Curiously some people claim that in an unusual study, the effect of aquariums on the nutritional intake of patients with Alzheimer’s disease was examined. Those conducting the research found that after introducing aquariums into the dining room of a facility caring for 62 patients, there was a significant increase in the amount of food the patients consumed. Weight also increased significantly over a 16-week period. As a result of eating more, the patients required less nutritional supplementation, which also had the benefit of reducing health care costs. In addition to the nutritional benefits, there was also a significant decrease in physically aggressive behaviors among the patients.

Other studies have found that people who watch fish in aquariums have a notable decrease in blood pressure.

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