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January 25, 2010

Escape into the dark side of the things

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As far as my memories go, I remember that I always found the night to be protective and sweet.

I also found interesting to escape sometimes into the dark side of things… artist curiosity? pragmatic consequences of a scientific background? underestimation of its own fragility?

escape to the darkness-1

January 18, 2010


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Talibans in Afghanistan considers the exposure of any part of the woman’s body in public as indecent, and require all women to wear a burqua in public. Some use their nudity to attract attention to themselves. Theodore Roosevelt was swimming nude. Some do not care and consider that nudity is wearing significantly less clothing.

statue dans le restaurant-1

January 4, 2010


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A perspective without any vanishing points is called “zero-point” perspective. It occurs if the viewer is observing a nonlinear scene. The most common example of a nonlinear scene is a natural scene (e.g., a sky and its clouds) which frequently does not contain any parallel lines. A perspective without vanishing points can still create a sense of “depth,” as is clearly apparent in a photograph of a cloudy sky (more distant clouds have smaller scale features).

I try to imagine someone being trapped in this place, that looks like a jail, looking up. Would his desire of freedom be a world without perspective?

vue sur le ciel 2

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