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October 25, 2009

Saturday night instant of dance of delight

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Deleitarse is to enjoy doing something. Then, one could say that it is a sum of seconds of delights. A sum of delightful instants.  It was a morming at 00:35am at the Casona in Panama. The light was very low and sort of redish, and a group of colombian rastas were dancing smoothly, drunk of beer and music beats. One was moving so slow that he could have been in a different time space. A sweet smile on his face. Closed eyes. Light like smoke. I put on ISO5000 and pressed. It took 1.6 sec at f/2.8 to get this pure moment where one was dissolving himself into happiness, leaving his shadow painted on the wall. Forever happy.

casona octobre 2009-2v2 LR

October 20, 2009

instant of happiness

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October 11, 2009

10 October 2009 – midnight

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I have difficulties to sleep.

Many times, late in the night, I paint or I edit my pictures.

Some photos take me hours to analyze and often the final work on it is minimal.

But the analysis of the instant is important. It explains why in a brief fraction of second, you decided to press the button.

It makes your eye everytime faster to see, capture and structure.

Cleaning the museum of modern art in Panama

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